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What is the meaning of Gaia Nova?

 From the Greek mythology, the word γαια meaning "earth", Gaia was the mother goddess who presided over the earth. In science, Gaia suggests the hypothesis that living and nonliving components of earth function in unity, to regulate and maintain conditions (such as the temperature of the ocean or composition of the atmosphere) to be suitable for life. Gaia is also the name of the Portuguese town where I was born and raised, Vila Nova de Gaia, it is at the core of who I am and who I want to be. Gaia Nova is the renewed awareness of our earth roots and universal energy that connects us all. The new earth embracing the synergy between physical body and the awakening of the mind, recognizing old habits, creating new brain pathways and ultimately leading an healthier life. 

Who is Dina?

I was born and raised in Portugal with a thirst to know the world and all people in it. After graduating I moved to Holland where I entered the corporate world. In 2006 I met my husband and moved to the West Coast of the United States to raise our blended family. Today, I navigate the challenges of a full time job, a blended family, and more... through the guidance of meditation and mindfulness where I have learned that it is not about perfection but about showing up for what is.  

How can I learn more?

 We are in the process of building this website to share classes, articles, online meditation options and more. Meanwhile I invite you to contact me via email or subscribe to my newsletter as we navigate this new world together.  


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